Articulated clipboard, iPad cradle & G5

What a mess, and yes that’s my desk. The clipboard to the left is one of a kind that I found at a flee market. Apparently made by a chemist. The iPad cradle to the right is made from a wall bracket for a flat screen and a piece of an iPad stand made by my friend Brian:
The G5 and monitor where a gift from Greg, thankx. However the hard drive had been removed long ago. I bought a new drive and it didn’t work. Had it tested, it’s fine. Talked to the folks at the Apple store and an Apple expert. Useless. Took a week to find the info. The drive must be 1.5 Gb/s or less or it won’t be seen by the computer. Returned drive and got another. Required a jumper on the back. Installed OS 10.4 while I looked for a copy of OS 10.5. The OS 10.5 disks that came with computers will only work on that model. It took a month to find an update disk. Thankx Tom. I had to use an external enclosure to load the new OS. When booting up the G5 doesn’t see the internal drive but will see the external FireWire drive. If I boot up while holding down option, the drive shows up right away. I think that the drive starts up fast, sees the jumper, then slows down. That small amount of time makes the computer miss the drive. I must have formatted that drive 7 times. There were more problems but I don’t want to bore you any more. What’s important is that I can now sync my iPad.


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