My 3 speed road bicycle

I love this bike. The chromoly frame is probably an early LeMond. It has Campy dropouts. I like the way the cable housing runs though the top tube. The crank set, bottom bracket and bullhorns are made by Mavic. The rear hub is a 1963 Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed. It has 40 holes. I replaced the axle with a longer one, which is a difficult procedure, like working on a clock. The rim, a Velocity Deep V, had to be ordered. The lasing pattern is 2 Leading, 2 Trailing with 4X Spokes. I found the design here:
It makes a 5 pointed start that matches the crank set. The front hub is a Sunrace. Nothing special, but they are the company that bought Sturmey Archer, so the hubs match as well (yes, it’s a stretch). The brakes are Campagnolo Deltas. People will tell you that they don’t work so well. This is true if you don’t have them adjusted right or have old pads. The brake levers are made by Syntace. The inside ends of the bullhorns had to be ground out to hold them. This combination has to be the most difficult possible. First you clamp down the brake lever body with an allen wrench, then attach the lever. Feed the cable though the hole in the bolt you just fastened. Fish the cable out of the hole in the bullhorn and then push the cable housing over it. Now feed the cable into the brakes and tighten down the 3.5 mm hex bolt?! I use a 5/32″ allen wrench. Finally trim the cable and tuck it inside. Ridiculous. The stem is a Shimano Dura Ace. The handlebar is held in place via a hex bolt hidden behind a cover at the bend. Beautiful design. Lastly, the shifter is from the 1950s. Click on picture to super-size it.


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