Accordion, originally uploaded by Black Heart Industries.

Thanks to Brittany for bringing this into the city for me. Every reed is working and it sounds great. It’s slightly smaller that a full size. At first I was surprised how loud and heavy it is. Now I think it’s not so heavy, and the volume is easily controlled. Operation is fairly straight forward. The main problem I’m going to have is my lack of fingers on my left hand, due to a table saw accident. I may try some type of prosthetic, like the X-finger. An expensive proposition just to play the accordion. I can only push one or maybe two of the bass buttons at once. I’m stubborn, I’ll find a way. The first step is to find some sheet music. To this end, I’ll be tracking down some people I know in the Vaudeville music scene. I’ll be putting some fresh batteries into my Casio VL-Tone, the smallest synthesizer I own. An easy, portable solution for practicing some tunes. It also doubles as a calculator.


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  1. Jo Frogger

    Only just saw this post (5-21-11). Are you aware of the Accordion Apocalypse repair shop on 10th near Howard St.? If anyone else in the accordion world is facing the same problems you do, Skyler Fell will know how to put you in touch — and/or may have ideas about modifying your bass button board for the available fingers. (And she’s got sheet music — lots of it!)

    Best wishes with your new main squeeze —

    May 21, 2011 at 10:59 am