Flee market booty 4/19/10

What we have here are seven photogravures, probably removed from a book. On the back of each is a description printed on a thin piece of paper that has a faint ghost image. It must have been the protective cover for each print. Top row left: Hannibal Crossing the Rhone by Henri-Paul Motte. Next is Hermann’s Triumph Over the Romans by Paul Thumann. Center row left: Charlotte Corday and Marat by Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry. Next is The Victors of Salamis by Fernand Cormon. Last in this row we have MME. Roland in the Prison of Ste. Pelagie by Evariste Carpentier. Last row: The Victims of Galerius by E. K. Liska. Finally we have Gustavus Adolphus Before the Battle of Lutzen by Ludwig Braun. The book is Paradise Lost by Milton. This copy is from 1935.


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