White Elephant pre-sale, 2010


White Elephant pre-sale, 2010, originally uploaded by Black Heart Industries.

What a great haul. Left to right: A Sony Walkman, new for only $7! I used to have this exact model, but it broke, I think. Below that we have a Game Boy AC power supply next to a Game Boy Color with a light and a cart: Magical Drop. Under that , a Genesis cart: Alien Storm. To the right of the Walkman, the cutest Panasonic boom box, in great shape. Below that, some electronic games: Mattle Football 2, Tiger Inspector Gadget, Taito Space Invaders, Mattel Armor Battle with box (slightly damaged), Mattel Sub Chase with box, and in the middle of all that, a N64 cart: Mischief Makers. Below that, two digital watches: a Casio alarm chronograph 50M and a Timex quartz with hands and LCD. I really like this one. The band’s not original, but has a nice Knight Rider feel to it. To the upper right, some books: Hand or Simple Turning by Holtzapffel. I have this ‘out off print’ reprint already. It’s one of the few books on ornamental turning. Audel’s New Electric Library Vol. 10, 1938. Dynamics of rotation by A. M. Worthington, 1897. Modern Radio Servicing by Ghirardi, 1935. Lastly a finely crafted book: Technical Illustration by Gibby, 1972. Under it we had some rub-on letters, drafting templets and a curve ruler. Finally some glasses. The red pair is Italian and quite swank. Below it are a pair of high quality gold wire framed glasses, very “Penthouse”. The other two are cheep but have a 1970s Hong Kong thing going on. Needless to say, I was destroyed after this adventure, but I’ve not been going to my flee markets of late. I more then made up for it here.


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