Light guide clock part 10

Vault-boy really likes this switch. Why wouldn’t he? It’s perfect for the clock. It’s attractive, sturdy, has three positions and three pairs of contacts. When in the middle, as shown, the two pairs of contacts in the center are closed. Click the lever to the left and the center ones open and the pair closest to the knob close. Click to the right and the two in the rear close, all others open. When in the center position, the clock will run. The center contacts go between the seconds and minute stages, and between the minutes and hours stages. To set the minutes stage, click to the left. Only one contact in the front will be used. It will connect the 1Hz pulse to pin 14 on the minutes stage. Same idea for the hours setting to the right. The connections between the stages need to be opened to make sure that the pin is low, or the 1Hz pulse won’t advance the counter. This will fit above the battery, just so. I may add a seconds reset. Why? I like to set my clocks as close to official time as possible. I set my pocket watches to the second. The new parts won’t arrive until Tuesday, and I won’t be able to get then till Friday. I need to finish the lathe mod anyway.


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