Flee market booty 11/08/09

In front we have a cute vintage calculator by Casio. It contains three games. The first is an incredibly difficult puzzle, the second is basically a slot machine, and the last is whack-a-mole. Behind it we have 34 tubes of IC chips, and one tube of 50 trim pots, 100k. Some of the chips include: 121 chips of UND 2543B quad power drivers, good for robotics I would think, MJD 44H11 and MJD 45H11, NPN and PNP power transistors, respectively, N8749H 8-bit micro controller from 1980, probably useless, a bunch of hex inverters and a crap load more chips that are all surface mount. Lots of useless stuff, but I wanted the pots and maybe some of the chips could be useful. Anyone need some random surface mount chips?


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