Desk part 3

Desk part 3, originally uploaded by Black Heart Industries.

My excitement about this project has turned to frustration. I fear that this desk has too much character, not unlike its creator. A crack in the rear left of the top, uneven sanding of file cabinet has made it necessary to unsquare the rear right back of the top, problems removing sealant, running low on black stain, imperfections, and my back hurts. The thing that sent me over the edge is the top lip of the trackball hole. I feel a little better now that I’ve thought of a way to fix it. On the positive side, the drawer repairs have turned out well, I had enough black stain, the tweaking of the case worked, the trackball will be higher then the standalone case, the keyboard drawer will be slick, and it will be done next week. The trickiest part will be the keyboard drawer, but it’s a low stress item, unlike the trackball hole, god damn it….


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