Lathe motor mod part 1



Lathe motor mod part 1, originally uploaded by Black Heart Industries.

Here’s a project I’ve been avoiding. I picked this up on eBay for a great price. Dayton’s an excellent company, and the difficult part, the controller, is matched to the motor. The idea here is to replace the motor in my lathe with this one. Its speed can be varied, the controller offers forward and reverse, and the motor also comes with a break, so it stops on a dime. One of the fuse holders was broken, luckily I had a matched pair, so I replaced them both. The problems that have kept me from working on this are many and annoying, but not insurmountable. The base of the motor has the wrong hole pattern. I’ve started making a new base out of aluminum. The lathe has two belts attached to the motor, one a V belt, the other toothed. The toothed wheel and its angled washers are pushed up against a step that doesn’t exist on the new motor. I will have to add a retaining screw and mount one washer to the wheel. The v belt pulley is held in place by a washer that screws onto the end of the motors shaft. No tapped hole on the shaft of the new motor. The original motor shaft is a little oversized. I have a shim that’s a tiny bit too big. Sanding the pulleys hole should fix that. Last but not lest, the key, of course, doesn’t quite fit. I will have to machine it. On the positive side, The control box will fit nicely on top of the old one. The current location of the power switch will be a very good place for a tachometer, a simple project. I’m starting a couple of big projects, so this may get pushed back. Posting this will get me to work on it.


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