Trackball Mod part 7


Trackball Mod part 7, originally uploaded by Black Heart Industries.

EUREKA! I got the god damn thing to work! This is another mouse, identical to the first one. The mouse is a marvel of engineering, Only one screw to hold the thing together. Molded plastic with incredible tolerances. Built by robots. If the traces were any thinner, they would burn up from the heat of the power going thought them. One of the LEDs, from the old board, was busted. I very carefully removed one of the LEDs from the new board, and still managed to break one of the traces. I them replaced the broken LED with the new one. The boards I used don’t have any copper on them, this was a mistake. The sensors and LEDs need the traces to hold them in place. Easily fixed with more hot glue. The other LED and both sensors were left in place. The LED will draw power, but not much. The sensors are just ignored by the rest of the circuit. If you place your hand at one extreme of the ball and move it to the other, the curser will move half way across the screen. Perfect. The arcade buttons should arrive by the weekend, and I will dig out the other switch by then. Measurements will be made and then the case built.


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